The TAICHI project is financed with aid from EU

Olive oil and health

Research suggests that extra virgin olive may reduce risks of many chronic illnesses. Besides bringing health benefits, substituting other fats with olive oil can also help maintain healthy weight. 

Food with olive oil

While enjoying extra virgin olive oil raw best preserves its delicate flavours, it is also excellent for both stir-frying and deep frying. Olive oil is an essential part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.     

Olive oil facts

Mediterranean countries have cultivated olive trees for more than 5000 years and every region has its own secrets. Learn more about various cultivars, growing olive trees and making olive oil!

Most popular recipes

Caprese Salad

Western | Easy | 20 min.

Olive Oil Crepe

Western | Medium | 30 min.


Educational videos

Masterclass: how to taste olive oil professionally

Professional class on how to recognize good quality olive oils and on how to taste olive oil professionally.    

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Cooking is like love - you can’t do it without passion!

"The Mysterious Cook" is a short movie with a culinary-romantic twist. It is the story of a Chinese journalist who rediscovers his inspiration and taste for life in beautiful Italy. The film by Italian director Giacomo Arrigoni stars Esmeralda Spadea (卫艾达) and Yoon C. Joyce. It was created as a part of the TAICHI project that is supported by the EU. 

TAICHI project: Olive oil from EU

TAICHI is an informational program (co-funded by the European Union) whose aim is to promote the knowledge and the use of European olive oil in China and Taiwan. The two main consortia of Italian olive growers, Italia Olivicola and UNAPOL, support and finance the program. 



Olive oil and history

An historical path into the Mediterranean culture and the tradition of olive oil

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Olive oil and traceability

A guide into the production process of extra virgin olive oil: from olive growing to extraction.

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Extra virgin olive oil qualities

How to recognize extra virgin olive oil qualities through this step-by-step guide.

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