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TAICHI Project Meeting Olive Oil Industry Professionals in China

A series of tastings was organized for media, professionals of the industry and buyers during the second year of the TAICHI Project with the purpose of improving the level of knowledge about olive oil.


  • Lao JiaYin Xiang

Date and Time: 19/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: Liupuhang 1 Xiang, n. 6, Xicheng district, Beijing


  • Association of Importers - Fresh Kitchen

Date and Time: 20/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: Fresh Kitchen, No.30, Zilong Ave, Haizhu New District, Guangzhou City


  • Si Jiu Cheng Jiao Zi Guan

Date and Time: 20/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: Xin Cheng Xi Yuan n. 420, 2nd floor, WangJing district, Beijing


  • Haifan Cantonese Restaurant

Date and Time: 21/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: 22026 Guangyue Tiandi,New World Plaza, Guangzhou City


  • Tong Guo Shuan Rou Guan

Date and Time: 21/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: Block E, WangJing International business center, Chaoyang district, Beijing


  • Ju Yuan Guan

Date and Time: 22/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: 725, Fangdanyuan Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing


  • Shu Jiao Liao Li

Date and Time: 23/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: N. 65 Mengzi East Road, Shanghai


  • La Galerie

Date and Time: 24/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: First floor, n. 1 Fenyang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


  • Yan Xi

Date and Time: 25/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: 1 M real estate building, 9 Donghu road, Xuhui district, Shanghai


  • Happy Restaurant

Date and Time: 26/12/2018, 14.30-17.00

Address: No.900, Jinsui Road, Guangzhou City


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